CZS – Chartered Accountant in Morocco

This project involved the creation of a comprehensive website for CZS, an accounting firm in Morocco. In addition to the site’s design and development, our agency also handled search engine optimization (SEO). CZS aimed for a modern website to showcase its services and enhance its online visibility.

Client Background

CZS is an accounting firm based in Morocco, specializing in delivering high-quality accounting and tax services. Their reputation for reliability and expertise positions them as a key player in the accounting field in Morocco.

Project Details

Our agency managed the design, development, and deployment of CZS’s website. We also formulated a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to boost CZS’s online visibility and attract a wider audience.

Key Features

Key features of the CZS website include:

– Responsive design for an optimal user experience across all devices.
– Intuitive navigation and clear presentation of offered services.
– Customized contact forms for easy visitor inquiries.
– SEO optimization to enhance search engine rankings.


One of the main challenges was to create an online presence that reflects the professionalism and expertise of CZS. Additionally, the competitiveness in the accounting sector in Morocco required a robust SEO strategy to stand out.

SEO Results

Through our SEO efforts, CZS’s website experienced a significant increase in organic traffic, thereby enhancing its visibility in search engines for relevant keywords.

Technologies Used

For this project, we employed cutting-edge technologies, including WordPress for website content management, SEO optimization tools, and modern web development techniques.

Results and Impact

The outcomes of this project were remarkable, with a 100% increase in organic traffic within six months. CZS experienced a notable 50% rise in online inquiry requests.

Client Testimonial

Screenshots and Links

Web Site :

This project demonstrated our ability to design professional websites and enhance our clients’ online visibility. Our collaboration with CZS was a success, strengthening their presence in the accounting market in Morocco.


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01- 11 - 2023